What is my style and aesthetic as a Fashion Designer?

First I examined my strength and weaknesses as a fashion designer.

My strength lies in the visuals; relating forms to the body, illustration, colour matching, technical drape, garment construction, originality and flexibility.

On the other hand, my weaknesses include;  flat pattern making, internal garment structures, conceptualising and decision making.


When asked to present 5 words which best describe my design style and aesthetic the first ones which came to mind were, ‘playful‘ ‘dark‘ and ‘edgy.‘ With some self reflection however I took into consideration the aesthetic of my past work and the aesthetic which will encompass my graduate collection and concluded that my work is headed in a new direction. The majority of my work so far has consisted of a dark/light contrast and combines bodycon with body distortion. My pattern making work often dissects the form.  I enjoy using shapes and panels, layers and cut-outs to create garments which appear to be a hybrid of utilitarian and sport inspired. All in all my work often behaves like a visual oxymoron, combining aspects on two ends of the scale. My work is often tailored to the female body using more masculine and utilitarian motifs. An example which depicts my aesthetic (below) is my most recent work made up of two different sets of looks interwoven into one set of transformable garments.

Alias Lookbook - FULL RANGE

Alias Lookbook – FULL RANGE (Michelle Zhang 2012)

My graduate work, a futuristic street level collection, will portray the idea of the Posthuman, through merging biology and technology. I feel that my style/aesthetic is extremely flexible, however for the purpose of this project I intend to focus more on the direction of my graduate collection. Utilising the skills and aesthetics I have identified I will explore areas which I have not previously. By merging with exploration of more distorted silhouettes (form away from form) I will proceed to conceptually weave biology (body) and technology (garment).


Having reflected on my design work, below are the 5 words which I felt were definitive of my style/mood/aesthetic.








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